Welcome to the EdelSpot 2.0!

Did you know I have a blog. Uh-huh. A real live blog, with words and pictures and other bloggy stuff. Sadly, that blog was a little… neglected… when B was born. The kind of neglect that would probably get you arrested if the blog was a kid, or a dog. Luckily, last time I checked I am NOT going to get arrested for being a lazy writer. Although, actually, being arrested for 24 hours or so doesn’t sound half bad. Like a stay-cation. I mean, yes, the jumpsuits and tuna sandwiches aren’t exactly the Four Seasons, but I’d get to eat sitting down. I wouldn’t have four pair of tiny, sticky hands pawing at me constantly. I’d get to spend all day watching TV, and chances are it wouldn’t be animated. And since I’m used to no privacy when going to the bathroom already, that is kind of a wash.

And now you are wondering how I know what jail is like, and I’m all, “Uh, hmmm. Blog post for another time friend.”

But I digress.

So I have a blog. Its called The EdelSpot. I started writing it when I was pregnant with Kate and pretty much stopped writing when Beckett came along and NEEDED stuff from me, like, ALL THE TIME (infants, yeesh). So when I decided it was time to get back in the saddle I realized that my old blog, was, well, old. So welcome to EdelSpot 2.0. If you’ve followed my blog in the past you will notice I’m at wordpress now, so you’ll want to change your bookmark (ha. see how I actually think I still have readers who have my blog bookmarked?) Also, I’ll be sticking to the whole #TBT phenomenon, and will be running old EdelSpot posts on Thursdays to catch up friends who are new here.

So anyways, hope you guys enjoy our journey. And here is to hoping I can actually find the time to blog now that I’ve committed to it again. Cheers!

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