Words to live by

I’ve been pinning a lot lately. You know, on Pinterest. Although if there was a VooDoo doll shaped like cancer, I might be pinning the shit out of that. TAKE THAT CANCER. And THAT. And THAT!! AND THAT, THAT, THAT, THAT!!!! Bwahahahaha. *SOB*

Ahem. Sorry.

Back to Pinterest. I’ve pinned everything from birthday party ideas to seasonal wardrobes to my dream house (the one I’ll build when we buy our own island. Like, NEVER). In my mind, Pinterest is half good ideas, half aspirational baloney. You know, the things you lust after but will never, ever (or probably SHOULD never) obtain. Because who needs an outdoor rain shower tiled in gold subway tiles? Not me, but I sure as heck pinned that stuff… JUST. IN. CASE. (wink).

Lately I’ve started pinning words. A lot of different words, under the heading “Wisdom.” I’ve always known words have power, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to truly DEPEND on words for strength, peace. Wisdom. I go look at my board of words just about daily now. To remind myself. That while only God knows the outcome, we are in control of TODAY. Of our very own here and now.

And thanks to Pinterest, I am reminded:

That worrying will not make my father well.


That we are not in this fight alone.


That a fierce belief in my Dad’s ability to beat this thing is more than half the battle.


And, that we have the greatest gift. We have hope. And we are grounded by it.


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