The cat’s pajamas

HappyNewYear2015VectorGraphicI saw an article yesterday about New Year’s Resolutions, and why you shouldn’t make them. I figured it would talk about the high fail rate of resolutions (I am STILL not a published author, a size 6 or a guitarist) but instead the focus of the article was that we are such wonderful, marvelous people, we shouldn’t worry about how we can be BETTER, we should focus on how good we already are. Be happy! Be positive! Be you!

What a bunch of hooey. THAT feel good mumbo jumbo is what is wrong with our country. Excuse me while I climb up on this here soap box, but if we, as a society, refuse to think about how we can improve and instead just sit around patting our backs and picking our noses, we are doomed. Yes, Yes, you are awesome. It’s okay to think you are awesome. I think you are awesome too. I think you are the cat’s pajamas. But, come on. You could ALWAYS be a little bit better. Like, SILK pajamas better. Meeeeeeow.

And so WHAT if I never actually reach my goals? At least I’m trying. And there is a good chance I’m learning/doing/making something positive in the process. I should be PROUD of my failures. I’m not a published author, but because of my resolutions I’ve spent more time focused on writing. That is a GOOD STEP. That time was not wasted. And nope, I’m not a size 6. But I’ve been more active in the past year than I have been since Ben and I got married (fat and happy and all that you know). And THAT is not time wasted.

So go ahead! Make resolutions! Make wild and crazy ones that you have no chance of achieving! Know that you will PROBABLY FAIL. YAY! So fun! Enjoy your failures!! And then make a few that you can totally do, because as much fun as failing is, winning is fun some times too. YAY WINNING!

So what are your resolutions for 2015? How are you going to make your awesome self even better? My resolutions fall into four main buckets. 1. Writing (Do more. Get better. Get focused. Get a draft finished. Of something. ANYTHING. Get published) 2. Health (Be more active. Be a gym rat, or at least a gym mouse. Quit eating out so much. Make health a priority for the whole family. Cook more. Quit drinking so much damn wine. *See? One certain to fail. But I can dream) 3. Mental Health (Maintain sanity. Learn something new. Take a class. Get a new hobby. Ask for help when its needed. Take “me” time without feeling guilty. Drink more wine. *Oops) 4. Family (Less yelling. More loving. Less screen time. More games. Quit parenting by gut reactions and emotions. Focus on Love and Logic. Be the boss. But a kind and loving boss. Play. A lot)

So that’s it. That’s how I plan on working on myself in 2015. And I won’t do it all. I’ll fail a little. Or maybe a lot.And I can’t wait. 

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