Reasons being unpublished is the worst



So, I’m an unpublished author. That means, I write, and I write, and I cry into my coffee and I edit (a lot) and then I write some more. And no one gives me any money for it, because advances are for Kardashians and presidents. But I love it, so I keep at it. It’s fun, and exciting. And yet, there are certain times when being unpublished is just the absolute worst.

Like when…

People ask you what you do. And you say you are writing a book. Trust me on this. They will immediately avoid eye contact, make a polite noise and then change the subject. To something awful, like the weather. Or the video of the dog riding the Zoomba they saw yesterday. The odd person will actually ask what it is about, but before you finish your 30-second pitch, they will have moved on to how their sister’s cousin wrote a book and it is being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster. And then they might muse that THEY always wanted to write a book. Maybe they will just whip one out so they can get a movie deal. Which will make you, the unpublished author, struggle to keep  your head from exploding.

Like when…

You read an article about how bookstores are becoming obsolete. Which leads to utter (and, irrational) panic over whether or not you will ever get a book published in time to actually see it on a shelf in a physical store. Which might lead to elaborate, and slightly premature, planning of an Amazon Warehouse break-in that includes bookcases, product display work and flash photography/selfies. All while you really should just be trying to finish writing the damn book in the first place. #priorities

Like when…

You meet published authors, who are so totally nice and supportive but realistic. And they tell you how it took them TWELVE YEARS to get an agent, and you die a little inside because TWELVE YEARS. *sob*

Like when…

You know that having an online presence is so totally important to getting an agent or book deal, so you have to put together an author website and a twitter account and a Facebook page and yet YOU HAVE NO BOOKS. NO. BOOKS. So you try and tweet cool book-type things and make friends with actual successful (published) writers and yet, still. NO. BOOKS. You will feel like the ultimate imposter. Just be cool. Be cool. Maybe no one will notice. BUUUUUUT don’t forget to hashtag it all. #amwriting #amediting

Speaking of… you’ll have to excuse me. I’m going to go tweet this now.


10 thoughts on “Reasons being unpublished is the worst

  1. shunternisbet says:

    My favorite (least favorite?) response to me saying, “I’m an author,” is when the other person replies, “Oh, have you tried getting your work published? You know, you can send it to publishers.” Or when they suggest a genre they think I should write because it’s popular.

    When that happens, I always want to reply, “You’re right. I should write romance novels and then hunt down publishers in their front rooms and tie them to chairs until they read my manuscript. Great idea! Where’s my duct tape.”

    Yeah, being unpublished is the worst for all of those reasons. On the other hand, you don’t have to deal with other people’s reviews yet, so there is that thin silver lining. Thin. Very thin.

    • edelspot says:

      HAHAHA, I know, people who aren’t actively trying to be published think it is much easier than it is. “OH! I SHOULD get a publisher. THANKS!” And since I’m extremely thin skinned the whole not having reviews thing is actually a fantastic point! I was so proud of how I received my beta reader’s feedback, so maybe I can handle it… but I’m not sure I could live through a one-star review 😉

  2. Liz Favell says:

    Liz it will happen. I know you and I believe it!! God’s timing (sorry had to say that) but when it does I will be so excited for you! I love reading your blog!!!

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