This week’s list

A quick list of what is in my world this week.

cover225x225Reading: I’m currently reading The Apothecary by Maile Meloy. I picked this series up because it was at my favorite store for buying things I’m not planning on buying: Costco. And don’t play like you don’t know what I mean. In for eggs, milk and coffee, out with a kayak, a wheel of cheese, two rabbit cages and three books. Every. Damn. Time. Thanks Costco!

The Apothecary is set in 1952 and while I’m only about 75 pages in, I’m loving the world that Meloy is building. There is action, danger and a hint of something magical, so you know I’m hooked.HFH6U1U5T4

Writing: Since it is January, most of what I’m writing is purely for business. Editorial calendars, blog posts, marketing plans. And I’m still (STILL) editing my current middle grade novel.

Listening: I’m always on the hunt for new music to add to my playlist. I usually have to listen to music when I’m writing, with two young kids, two dogs and a husband who works from home, it’s the Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.55.50 PM.pngonly way for me to block out the world. But YOU GUYS. Today a friend told me about a website called and it is LIFE CHANGING. It is the sound of rain. That’s it. The sound of a rainy day. And I love it. I am going to hole myself up in my office, draw the drapes, put on a little rain and write for days.22_packing


Drinking: Tea. Hot tea. Specifically this TAZO sweet cinnamon spice blend.
Because it is January and coffee and wine are bad for you and I will stick to my resolutions for at least another full week, thank you very much.

I hate tea.

Purchasing: I just went out and bought a new planner for 2016. Truth be told, I’m underwhelshoppingmed by it. I wanted one with lots of stickers and motivational statements and maybe a robot that would actually make me use it. But I just couldn’t work myself up to spend more than $50 on something that, experience tells me, I will use for exactly 62 days and then will abandon somewhere in the depths of my desk. The one I got? Meh. It was $14 and will serve its purpose. I’m not gonna sing about it from the rooftops, but I’m also not going to have to skip girl’s night to pay for it. (Planner pictured: Sugar * Paper 2016 planner, Target, $14.99)

Coveting: You know what I am coveting most right now? A double double from In-N-Out animal style with fries and a shake. HELLO LOVER. But instead I will go cut up an apple. New Years Resolutions are ruining my life.






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