Valentine’s Day is for Lovers

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to offer up the dating advice of my six-year-old. You are welcome.


This may not be widely known, but there are four steps to falling in love.

Step 1:

thumb_Step 1_1024

First pick someone you like.

Step 2:

thumb_Step 2_1024

Next talk to them.

Step 3:

thumb_Step 3_1024

Then get in touch with them.

Step 4:

thumb_Step 4_1024

Last you got yourself a boyfriend.

Kate’s four-step process is simple to follow, although it may bring to mind a few questions. Like, why does the girl in this instructional have such a giant rack? (I don’t know. Kate likes boobs?) What are they talking about in each step? (Imaginary friends/animals. Naturally.) In step three, how are they getting in touch? (Texting with their iWatches. Again, naturally.) So what are you waiting for? With Kate’s four easy steps to falling in love and getting yourself a boyfriend, you won’t be spending this Valentine’s Day alone.



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